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About TPCA

The Tuxedo Park Civic Association's mission is to protect the character, integrity, quality of life, and security of our neighborhood. We stay tuned to developments that impact Tuxedo Park's character and the quality of life. We respond with lobbying efforts or other solutions to protect what is important to all of us. Our work generally falls in the following areas:

Zoning changes often provide the biggest threat to Tuxedo Park's character. We stay informed of applications that affect us- such as commercial or multi-family rezoning proposals at our fringes or subdivision applications that would negatively impact our setback patterns. We marshal lobbying efforts and advise our members on City processes so we can effectively oppose such zoning changes.


With the ever-increasing development of the central Buckhead district, Tuxedo Park's residential streets have become the traffic path of choice for Cobb County residents going to and from work (aided by apps like WAZE). In response (and thanks to the generous contributions of some of our neighbors), we are developing a transportation plan in conjunction with JACOBS, a world class engineering and planning firm, to address the volume of commuter traffic congesting our neighborhood and the speeding and other traffic issues affecting the safety and quality of life of those of us who live here. The plan will recommend transportation infrastructure for our neighborhood to reduce and slow cut-through traffic- infrastructure changes we will then seek to have adopted, funded, and implemented by the City of Atlanta. Our transportation plan will also provide a guide for our lobbying efforts for broader transportation solutions in Atlanta that will help reduce commuter traffic cutting through Tuxedo Park.


We provide our members with 24/7 security services, including armed off-duty police protection twelve hours a day and private security (including concierge services for mail and package pickup) twelve hours a day. This is the most comprehensive neighborhood security program in all of Atlanta. Having a sufficient number of Tuxedo Park families as TPCA members is critical to our ability to provide this level of security services. The entire neighborhood benefits from the presence of our security personnel.


TPCA sends important crime and safety announcements to our members. We also notify members regarding filming in Tuxedo Park, events, zoning items, etc.  We stay in touch so that you know what is going on in your neighborhood.


Wolf Creek and its tributaries flow through the heart of the Tuxedo Park neighborhood. After flowing through Tuxedo Park, Wolf Creek flows into Nancy Creek to the Chattahoochee River and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. The Wolf Creek task force was created to partner with the City of Atlanta to address concerns related to flooding and to protect this watershed from the impacts of new development and redevelopment in the watershed.


TPCA is on the lookout for other ways we can improve and protect our neighborhood and provide communications for our members, as well as lobbying efforts or other work on their behalf. We are, for example, currently seeking ways to preserve and protect the Tuxedo Park we all know and love. We will also be lobbying for tightened controls for the Atlanta tree ordinance to prevent the continued clear cutting of our neighborhood's tree canopy.  TPCA coordinates with other civic associations as needed to better our community.


Each year, in May, we have an Annual Meeting. We invite all members to attend to  hear about we are doing for Tuxedo Park and to learn more about present and future concerns of the neighborhood.

TPCA Membership Benefits

    • Receipt of email notifications including crime and safety announcements, filming in Tuxedo Park, events, zoning items, etc.
    • Access to members-only content on the website
    • 24/7 Security Services with contact numbers to on-duty security personnel
    • Concierge services to meet residents at home, assess security concerns, and provide mail/newspaper/package retrieval while
      residents are out of town
    • Ability to serve on TPCA committees

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