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Tuxedo Park Transportation Plan approved!

August 18, 2021 12:17 PM | Anonymous

At long last, TPCA’s Transportation Plan has been approved by the Atlanta Department of Transportation, and it is in the process of being adopted into the City of Atlanta Transportation Plan.  The complete plan is attached below, but here are some highlights:

  • Speed humps on Valley, Putnam, Woodhaven, Knollwood and the segments of Tuxedo that didn’t already have them. 
  • Two more all-way stops on Blackland, along with traffic-calming chicanes at one end of the street and lane-narrowing at the other.
  • Morning rush hour turn restrictions from Northside onto Blackland.
  • Afternoon rush hour turn restrictions from Habersham onto both Chatham and West Andrews.
  • Roundabout at Habersham and Valley.
  • Intersection improvements at Habersham/West Paces, Tuxedo/ Powers Ferry and several others.

And the even better news is that Atlanta’s Transportation Commissioner Josh Rowan has already figured out creative ways to fund and implement many of our plan’s projects—so look for some changes relatively soon.

Click Here to view the Tuxedo Park Transportation Plan

Including speed humps within a year!

            Thanks to our wonderful City Councilman J.P. Matzigkeit, ALL of our speed humps are in process of being fully funded.  He and Commissioner Rowan put their heads together found enough RENEW money—some $150,000—to do the entire job.  And Commissioner Rowan is including our speed humps on an omnibus speed-hump contact already in progress, so they should actually be completed by the end of next summer!

Silver Lining to all that filming inconvenience!

            SIX movies have been filmed in Tuxedo Park since the first of the year.  And we know we do not have to tell you what an imposition that has been on our neighborhood—between lane closures, truck parking and night shooting.  But there is a silver lining to all that inconvenience.  TPCA Film Liaisons Dorothy Snowden and Cynthia Davison have been assessing film companies a daily “neighborhood imposition fee” for every day they’re here “from prep to wrap”—and we’ve now built up a fat little kitty we can use for special projects for the good of the neighborhood.

Including a new security camera for Northside at West Paces Ferry!

            Security has always been a top priority for TPCA, so the first thing we are doing with our “movie money” is to buy a new pan/tilt/zoom security camera for the corner of Northside and West Paces Ferry.  Even with police foundation discounts those cameras are expensive—a whopping $11,200—but our great City Councilman J.P. Matzigkeit is kicking in $5K and thanks to our movie imposition fees TPCA was able to make up the $6200 balance.   Look for the new camera in about 90 days.

Come one, come all!  And bring the kids!

            It’s been way too long since we’ve had a party, so TPCA is throwing one for the ENTIRE neighborhood, not just for members, next Sunday afternoon from 4:00 until 6:00.    TPCA Board Member Jen Alewine is not only hosting it in the Alewine’s big backyard at 3417 Tuxedo, but has put together a fabulous “do” with a Kona Ice Truck for the kids (grownups can have some, too) and a Fizzy Truck for the grownups!  So come reconnect with your neighbors and maybe meet some new ones as well.  And be sure to bring the kids!

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